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Privacy Policy


Natsuo Sdn Bhd (hereinafter collectively referred to as “we”) have executed this protection arrangement in connection to the collection, utilization, divulgence of individual information. Our website is owned and operated by Natsuo Sdn Bhd.

Section l- Application of Privacy Policy
Please be mindful that your personal data might be collected by us during your usage of our website. Services such as  account creation, email services, online shopping and entry to any of our campaigns, complaints, forms and questionnaires will be managed in accordance to this privacy policy.

Section ll- Sharing and Revelation of Individual Information
All the personal data collected will be used appropriately to serve the purpose of improving our website services, advertising strategies and administrating memberships’ related activities. Your personal data may be unveiled to a third party which can be within or outside of Malaysia to serve the same purpose stated as above. 

Section lll- Collection and Utilize of Individual Information
By using or subscribing to our website services, we have obtained your consent to collect, use and unveil your personal data through any of the registration means provided by us for the purpose stated above. 

Section lV- Accessibility of Individual Information
All the personal data collected from you to us will be assumed to be precise and total to the finest of our information. You have the utmost right to request or correct your personal data with us. If you wish to do so, kindly drop us an email at and we shall attend to your request as soon as possible.  

Section V- Individual Data Destruction
All the personal data collected from you to us will only be used for the period of time where we deem to be necessary for our business operations or legal purposes. Any documents pertaining to your personal data will be destroyed in a secure manner subsequently when it is no longer needed by us.  

Section Vl- Cookies
Cookies are used generally to improve the user experience during shopping throughout our website but it will not compromise nor harm your computer in any way. However, disabling cookies via your internet browser is possible but it may affect your user experience when using our website as some functions will no longer be available. 

Section Vll- Individual Data Security Assurance
Fundamental measures to a sensible degree will be taken to secure the privacy of guests visiting our site. Depending on the service, we may ought to collect individual and highly confidential information from you but will secure such data through suitable measures, such as encryption, when it is transmitted.

Section Vlll- Individual Data Handling
All the data collected are protected under our implemented data security policies. Under such practices, privacy data of our valuable customers will not be disclosed, lent or transferred to any third party without your consent unless it is deemed to be necessary by laws or authorities.

Section IX- Disclaimer of Liability
We do not warrant that the content of our website is suitable for your environment. Accessing to our website is deliberate and utilizing our website is at the sole risk of the client. We should have no duty for any misfortune resulting from utilization of content provided from our site or any other applicable websites connected to us. 

Section X- Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
Please be mindful that our privacy policy is governed by Malaysia law as always. However, our website is opt to be open to anyone all across the world, therefore by accessing our website, you are bound to agree that any dispute arising from the usage of our website shall be subjected to the laws of Malaysia.

We would also like to inform that periodical changes might be made to our privacy policy without notice, so please do check it regularly. If you wish to change or access to your data, kindly drop us an email to, we shall attend to your request as soon as possible. 

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